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Angry Birds Games Baru -The Amazing Alex

Angry Birds Maker’s “Amazing Alex ”Hit No. 1 Game Again

Amazing Alex Premium 
Rovio is an entertainment media company based in Finland, and the creator of the globally successful Angry Birds franchise. Rovio was founded in 2003 as a mobile game development studio, and the company has developed several award-winning titles for various mobile platforms.

In 2009, Rovio released Angry Birds, a casual puzzle game for touchscreen smartphones that became a worldwide phenomenon from 2010 onwards. The Angry Birds games have enjoyed continuing worldwide chart success, and the franchise has since expanded to a variety of new business areas. Rovio is rapidly expanding its activities in broadcast media, merchandising, publishing and services.

Now Again They Released a New  Game  ,and it  prove that the Finnish Startup is More than A -  One – Hit  Wonder 

Rovio’s new puzzle game,   called  the  Amazing Alex" has recently  launched  with Very Much    Hit a  Hit  Success  ,hitting   the No. 1 Paid app on the key United States App store on Thursdays shortly after its launch, Amazing Alex is a physics – based game featuring challenges that curious boy Alex has to solve.
  ‘’ Amazing Alex "  Reached the No. 1 position in the Phones paid App Chart in eight hours, said analyst  and  is the  fastest to hit the No . 1 Position 

The features of the games incude :-


Set the objects up to bounce, pop, ricochet, bash, and crash into each other and create an elaborate Rube Goldberg device! With a houseful of toys to play with, there’s more than one right answer! Share your most creative solutions with your friends and see what they came up with!

Got a great idea for a level? Design intriguing new levels using 35 interactive objects and share them -- with friends or with the whole world! With other fans constantly creating and uploading new levels, there are always new challenges to check out!


-      100 amazing levels to test your creativity
-      Regular free updates with new levels
-      Create your own levels and share them with friends or with the whole world
-      Amazingly social -- share your levels with friends and see theirs
-      35 fully interactive objects and four fun locations
-      Download and play the best fan-created levels from around the world

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